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Our people overview

Gold Fields is a globally diversified gold producer with nine operating mines in Australia, South Africa, Ghana (including the Asanko JV) and Peru, as well as two projects in Canada and Chile.

Our people strategy

The Gold Fields way

In 2021, we conducted a baseline survey of the Gold Fields culture. The feedback informed the development of a Gold Fields culture statement premised on four key focus areas: One Gold Fields; Respectful workplace; Working smarter together; and, Unlocking potential through innovation and learning. These key priority areas are supported by ten behaviours that employees identified as being critical to driving our aspired culture.

We launched the culture roll-out programme early in 2023, and it is supported by a range of initiatives, including leadership capability and skills programmes, talent and performance processes and specific targeted interventions to drive the change. The programme is expected to take two to three years to implement.

The Gold Fields Way ambition, focus areas and behaviours are displayed here:

We've developed an ambition that captures the culture that we aspire to have. If you were to describe the Gold Fields culture in one sentence, this would be it. It is this culture that will make us #StrongerTogether.

Culture is built first and foremost by the way people behave. The 10 Culture Attributes describe behaviours we all need to display to bring our aspirational culture to life.


We deliver together, connecting seamlessly across our business

We align and work together smoothly across teams, functions and countries to deliver the best possible outcomes.


We take care of each other every day

We each take personal responsibility to ensure we are all safe and healthy at work every day. Gold Fields is a safe place to work.


Our culture of participation and ownership allows us to thrive together

Our people are truly empowered to speak up and act with individual autonomy; management encourages and listens to ideas from everyone. We take shared ownership for our future success.


Efficiency is fueled by our agility, smart processes and technology

Our people, processes and technology work effectively together. We respond nimbly to change and pivot as needed. We are resilient in the face of challenges and setbacks.


We are a forward-looking, courageous and inspiring place to work.

We are strategic and purposeful in our thinking. We are ambitious and courageous in making the decisions to shape our future.


Learning and innovation is at the heart of our culture

With a learning mindset we are adaptive and open, we embrace digital innovation, encourage creativity and stay open to new and different ideas in the spirit of continuous improvement.


We have a culture of deep care, respect and empathy

Care runs deep in our culture. People truly feel they matter. With respect and empathy, we build positive working relationships and psychological safety. People are eager and happy to come to work.


We actively engage and collaborate with our business partners and stakeholders to build value-adding and trusted relationships

We are a trusted and valued mining partner; we build strong relationships with our business partners and stakeholders, based on trust, honesty and frequent engagement.


Our culture is built on fairness and trust

Our ethics and values are 'lived' daily, we embrace diversity, equity and inclusion. We act fairly in everything we do.


We focus on achieving superior results together

In pursuit of excellence, we deliver quality work and tenaciously deliver on our commitments.