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Our vision is to be the global leader in sustainable gold mining

We care for our communities

We recognise the importance of solid relations with our host communities to our social licence to operate. Host communities are identified by each of our operations for the purpose of securing our mining licences – both legal and social. These communities reside in the vicinity of our operations, have been directly affected by exploration, construction or operations, and have a reasonable expectation regarding the duties and obligations of the mining operator. We aim to avoid and minimise negative impacts of our operations on our host communities while maximising the positive benefits.

In 2018, all operations prepared community relations and stakeholder engagement strategies and three year plans focused on maintaining the social licence to operate in their host communities. The regions are progressing with implementation of their plans.

We remain focused on social investment that results in a meaningful and sustainable impact on our host communities, and therefore strive to create Shared Value through host community employment and procurement.

Community investment drives integrated development. We focus on socio-economic development (SED) initiatives and Shared Value programmes to create and share value with our host communities. These projects create positive socio-economic impacts for host communities by targeting their priority needs, which we have identified as:

  • Employment, particularly for youth
  • Skills and enterprise development
  • Environmental rehabilitation
  • Access to water
We care for our communities

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