SUSTAINABILITY Waste management

Waste management

Process plant tailings waste and waste rock (or mineralised waste) are two of the most significant by-products of mines. By responsibly managing these waste streams, we can minimise their impact on the environment and our host communities. We are working to achieve this by:

  • Using waste rock material to support construction or lifts of TSF walls, or in closure-related activities
  • Backfilling tailings material in redundant open pits, which reduces the waste footprint
  • Co-mingling of tailings and waste rock to mitigate potential pollution and create more stable landforms
  • Operate tailings and waste rock facilities’ towards closure and to align with GISTM requirements
Group mining waste (Mt) Waste rock Tailings
2018 149 41
2019 141 48
2020 141 59
2021 155 58
2022 144 61