SUPPLIERS Values and Code of Conduct summary for suppliers and contractors

Values and Code of Conduct summary for suppliers and contractors

At Gold Fields, we recognise that when we contract third parties, they become an extension of our business. We therefore expect suppliers to uphold and comply with our Values and Code of Conduct, and all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

We are committed to conducting our business in a fair and ethical manner, and to the promotion of a corporate culture that is socially and environmentally responsible. This is achieved by living the Gold Fields Values, upholding our Code of Conduct, and working with suppliers and contractors who share and uphold these values and standards. A summary of these principles is set out below:

Human rights

We respect human rights and are committed to respecting the rights, dignity and freedom of all. Gold Fields supports the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We are committed to maintaining a workplace free from all discrimination and harassment.

Gifts and Hospitality

Suppliers must not give or accept any gifts or hospitality that might compromise or be seen to compromise the professionalism or impartiality of Gold Fields’ personnel. No cash payments, discounts or vouchers may be provided to any Gold Fields personnel under any circumstances.

Conflicts of Interest

Suppliers must declare any situation or relationship that raises an actual, potential or perceived conflict of interest in relation to dealings with Gold Fields, and must avoid personal or business relationships which may compromise the performance of their duties.

Confidential Information

Suppliers are required to treat all information to which they become privy by virtue of their relationship with Gold Fields, confidential. This includes, without limitation, information pertaining to Gold Fields which is not in the public domain. This includes making statements or posting material/pictures concerning Gold Fields on social media with Gold Fields’ prior written consent.

Political Activity and Government Interaction

Any political activity engaged in by suppliers must clearly indicate that it does not represent Gold Fields in any way, irrespective of the relationship with Gold Fields or its operations. Suppliers must not attend meetings with Government officials (including regulators or Government departments) on Gold Fields related business, without the presence of Gold Fields personnel, who must record the details of the interaction.

Preventing and Eliminating Bribery & Corruption

Suppliers must comply with all laws and regulations that prohibit bribery and corruption. Suppliers are not permitted to solicit, offer or promise a bribe, kick-back or any other improper payment or benefit, including facilitation payments, whether acting on its own behalf or on behalf of Gold Fields.

Accurate and Complete Record Keeping

Suppliers must record all information relating to its dealings with Gold Fields honestly, accurately and completely. Any payment error must be reported immediately. We have zero tolerance toward fraud. Misrepresenting facts can never be justified or excused.

Insider Trading

Trading in shares or securities based on material non-public information, or supplying that information to others, is illegal. Any dealings by a supplier in the shares or securities of Gold Fields must comply with all applicable laws and stock exchange requirements.

Speaking up

Suppliers can report violations of Gold Fields’ Code of Conduct or any other concerns to: or the confidential hotline:

  • South Africa: 0800 203 711
  • Ghana: 0800 10987
  • Peru: 0800 54 760
  • Australia: 1800 623 245
  • USA: 1 888 611 1848
  • Chile: 800 914 279

This service is administered by a third-party provider and anonymity is guaranteed.