THIS IS GOLD FIELDS Training and development

Training and development

Gold Fields encourages all employees to have Individual Development Plans in place which are updated twice annually. These development plans inform our training budgets and training plans in each Region. Annually Gold Fields conducts a talent review in which all talent is reviewed. This involves employee input and manager reviews which are consolidated at Group level. In South Africa our training plans are aligned to our Work Place Skills plans.

Gold Fields training

At Gold Fields we offer a range of training and development interventions.

In 2019 we spent $1 912 per person on training. The types of training supported are:

  • Induction and onboarding
  • Legal and compliance training
  • Leadership training
  • Technical skills training
  • Safety training
  • A range of soft skills training
Region     Training offered

The following segmented programs were carried out:
EDCC: Directed to VPs and Managers
SSCC: Directed to Sub Managers and Superintendents
MMCC: Directed to Headquarters and Supervisors
GF School: Aimed at Professional Staff
InnovaThon: Directed to all interarea collaborators
External Training: Strengthening and / or Updating of hard knowledge.

Within Australia, leadership development programs are built upon the Gold Fields leadership competencies. Each leadership program is aimed at different levels of leadership through a philosophy of increasing leadership capability and increasing levels of influence. Current programs focus on minimising unconscious bias, self-management, project management and building effective teams. Expertise from external key partners are utilised for some of our higher end leadership programs. In such instances, Gold Fields Australia have partnered up with local universities and other reputable providers. Leadership activities are also backed up through leadership coaching, 360 assessments, mentoring and relevant leadership psychometrics.


In 2019, the program “Escuela GF” was updated as “Centro de Alto Rendimiento (CAR)” planning a training and development model by segmenting the programs by: Position Leadership Programs and Performance Programs 2018 - BSC.

Leadership Programs by Position:
EDCC: Program designed in Strategic Alignment, People Management and Recognition 02 session of 8-hour workshops, 22 participants

SSCC: Program: Management Maturity, Performance Agreement, Development Tools, Evaluation and Commitment. 03 sessions of 8-hour workshops and accompanying sessions. 18 participants

MMCC: Directed to Headquarters and Supervisors. Spotlights Performance Agreement, Development Tools, Evaluation 03 sessions of 8 hours, 68 participants

SPCC: Program designed to guide participants to focus on achieving their annual objectives; planning and directing. 3 4-hour each sessions, 170 participants

OTCC - Operators and Technicians of Cerro Corona: Program designed to acquire a methodology to enable constructive conversations in order improve performance. 3 sessions of 4-hour Offimatica workshops, 86 participants

Performance Programs:
Grant of a $ based on the performance note 2018. Within the range of learning we offered: Elearning platforms, English classes, study time, my mecca (my first career) and technical courses. We managed to train 97% of our employees with a total investment of $ 429,147


The following Skills programmes were offered at South Deep

OIM Coaching - Line Managers coaching.
Internal and External (technical and Non Technical) training for employees

Bursar, interns, scholarships, graduates and work experience programmes
Region     Number of bursars and interns

14 Trainees

7 current Indigenous scholarships under way




40 Interns / Graduates

15 Bursars

7 work experience (Vac work)


130 Interns

242 Bursars

234 Scholarships

47 Graduate Trainees

127 National Service