THIS IS GOLD FIELDS The Gold Fields values

The Gold Fields values

Our Values need to become the very fabric of our company – the go-to touchstone that we use every day to make all our decisions.

If we cannot mine safely, we will not mine.

We care deeply about the safety of our people.

We are vigilant about identifying unsafe behaviours and are not afraid to speak up – to Stop, Fix, Verify and Continue – because we know we have the full support of the company when we do so.

We are absolutely disciplined about developing, implementing and adhering to safety systems and rules, and we hold ourselves and each other accountable for this.

We work towards zero harm on a daily basis – in our jobs, our homes and our communities. We never compromise on safety.


Research shows that safe places are more productive. They run more smoothly, are better organised and are characterised by higher levels of discipline and focus. People who know their safety will be protected at any cost are more likely to feel a sense of loyalty and work for the good of the team. Working towards zero harm helps us avoid costly safety stoppages

We act with honesty, fairness and transparency.

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.

We tell the truth, stand up for what we know is right and protect the people who have the courage to do this.

We report facts and figures accurately, keep confidential information private and refuse to cover up or turn a blind eye to what we know is unethical.

We use the Code of Conduct and company policies to guide us, but when we are unsure of what to do, we ask. We act with the best interests of our company at heart.

why it makes business sense and
Helps secure our sustainability

Companies that don’t act with integrity fail their employees and stakeholders, and risk enormous damage to their reputation – or even investigation, fines and prosecution. But when companies are known to be fair, honest, transparent and ethical, investors trust and invest in them, communities are willing to partner with them and employees want to work for them.

We treat all stakeholders with trust, dignity and respect.

How we behave is guided by the knowledge that every human being is valuable and deserves respect.

This is why we treat other people as we would want to be treated.

While we know that it is sometimes necessary to have difficult conversations, we do so in a way that ensures that the dignity of the other person always remains intact.

We allow others to voice their views, even when they are different to or in conflict with our own.

We embrace, value and accept diversity and difference. We do not tolerate rude, abusive or undermining behaviour and we stand up for each other.

why it makes business sense and
Helps secure our sustainability

Treating people with respect builds trust, helps people find common ground, resolves conflict and fosters collaboration as a cohesive team – critical factors for solving problems and finding business solutions. Respecting diversity and difference allows idea sharing across the business so we can overcome challenges and deliver on objectives. It is also critical to protecting our reputation. This helps to secure our sustainability.

We take personal ownership of the impact we have on our people, relationships, safety and environment.

We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and the impact we have on others and the environment.

We treat people in host communities with respect and make an attempt to understand their needs and concerns.

We accept mistakes are part of our learning and endeavour to make a positive difference.

why it makes business sense and
Helps secure our sustainability

Responsibly managing our impact on communities and the environment has a fundamental impact on our ability to continue operating. It builds positive community relations and local support, ensures our licenses are renewed and helps us secure reliable supply of power and water. In addition, there are real cost-savings attached to reducing water and energy consumption. This helps to secure our sustainability.

We encourage and drive innovation.

Our definition of innovation goes beyond technology – it encompasses any idea or change that can drive the business forward.

We do not allow ourselves to be constrained by limiting beliefs and we think beyond what other people accept as 'possible'.

We respond positively to creativity, spontaneity and innovative thought and provide people with feedback when they propose ideas.

We are open to change and support new ways of working, even when the ideas may not be our own. We are optimistic about what the future can deliver.

why it makes business sense and
Helps secure our sustainability

In a rapidly evolving mining industry, we need to do things smarter, faster and more efficiently. Embracing change, new ideas and new technology is one of the most effective ways we can reduce costs, improve production and deliver what stakeholders need. Moving with the times will ensure we remain relevant. This helps to secure our sustainability.

Collaborative Delivery
We work together as a team to deliver excellent results.

We work together as a team to deliver excellent results and take pride in what we do.

We work hard to deliver on time and in budget.

We actively seek input from others and truly believe that diverse views improve the quality of our work.

We understand our role is part of a team in the Gold Fields family.

why it makes business sense and
Helps secure our sustainability

When the business achieves its goals, shareholders receive dividends and returns, employees can share in better salary increases and bonuses, and we have more money to invest in communities. Investors will invest in our company, which means we can continually upgrade our portfolio. This helps to secure our sustainability.