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Our vision is to be the global leader in sustainable gold mining

Sustainability Performance

Our performance on the following selected key sustainability performance indicators (KPi's) was externally assured by ERM for the Gold Fields 2018 Integrated Annual Report.

We seek to continuously improve our performance in all areas of sustainability. All our KPi's are reasonably assured. Reasonable assurance provides the highest level of confidence to our key stakeholders that the sustainability performance indicators are fairly stated.

The definition of Assurance KPIs are contained in the PDF below.
KPI Assurance Definition [PDF - 86KB]


Parameter Unit Reported 2018 data
Total CO2 equivalent emissions, Scope 1-3 Tonnes 1,852,190
Electricity purchased MWh 1,283,940
Diesel Kl 183,520
Total energy consumed/total tonnes mined GJ/total tonnes mined 0.06 (11,628,058 GJ / 184,345,022 tonnes)
Total energy consumed/ounces of gold produced GJ/ounces of gold produced 5.64 (11,628,058 GJ / 2,063,202 ounces)
Total water withdrawal Ml 21,179
Total water recycled/re-used per annum Ml 41,382
Water intensity Kl withdrawn/ ounces of gold produced 10.3 (21,178,512 Kl / 2,063,202 ounces)
Number of environmental incidents -
Number of incidents  
Level 2   68
Level 3 and above   2


Parameter Unit Reported 2018 data
Number of cases of Silicosis reported Number of cases 10
Number of cases of Noise Induced Hearing Loss reported Number of cases 13
Cardio Respiratory (Tuberculosis) Number new cases reported 16
Number of cases of Malaria tested positive per annum Number of positive cases 237
Number of South African and West African employees in the HAART programme (cumulative) Number of employees 336
Percentage of South African workforce on the voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) programme Percentage (%) of workforce 17
Percentage of West African workforce on the voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) programme Percentage (%) of workforce 60


Parameter Unit Reported 2018 data
Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR) - Employees, Contractors, Total Number of TRIs/manhours Employees: 1.94 (43 TRIs / 22,151,709 manhours)
    Contractors: 1.75 (56 TRIs / 32,047,611 manhours)
    Total: 1.83 (99 TRIs / 54,199,320 manhours)
Number of fatalities Number 1


Parameter Unit Reported 2018 data
Total socio-economic development (SED) spend US$ 25,711,891
Percentage of host community employment % 56
Percentage of host community procurement spend % 27
Total value created and distributed US$ 2,711,000,000

Mining Charter

Table 2. Selected sustainability performance indicators for the 2018 reporting year presented for reasonable assurance in accordance with Subject Matter 4 of the ICMM’s Sustainable Development Framework: Assurance Procedure, and prepared in accordance with the Broad-Based Socio-Economic Empowerment Charter for the South African Mining and Minerals Industry (BBSEEC) (2002) and related Scorecard (2004); the Amendment to the BBSEEC (2010) and related scorecard (2010) for the South African Mining and Minerals Industry.

Parameter Unit Reported 2018 data
Housing and living conditions    
Occupancy rate of one person per room Ratio (employee:hostel room) 0.49
Percentage conversion of hostels into family units Percentage (%) 100

Procurement and enterprise development

Parameter Unit Reported 2018 data
Procurement spend from BEE1 entity Capital goods (%) 75
  Services (%) 81
  Consumable goods (%) 91
Annual spend on procurement from multi-national suppliers:
Contribution set aside/allocated by the mining right holders
Percentage (%) 1.21

Employment equity

Parameter Unit Reported 2018 data
HDSAs2 in management Top (Board) (%) 50
  Senior (Exco) (%) 50
  Middle (%) 45
  Junior (%) 52
  Core skills (%) 70

Human resource development (HRD)

Parameter Unit Reported 2018 data
HRD expenditure as a percentage of total annual payroll (excluding mandatory skills development levy) Percentage (%) 7.7

Mine community development

Parameter Unit Reported 2018 data
Total LED3 spend for the year and LED spend per SLP4 project in the current year Total LED spend (R) 4,842,948
Total SED5 spend for the year, including community trusts Total SED spend (R) 44,108,690
Up-to-date implementation of approved community projects Percentage (%) overall implementation and of each project 0

Sustainable development and growth

Parameter Unit Reported 2018 data
Approved EMP6 implementation Percentage (%) 100
Tripartite action plan on health and safety implementation Percentage (%) 95.8
Percentage of samples in South African facilities Percentage (%) 100

1 Black Economic Empowerment
2 Historically Disadvantaged South African
3 Local Economic Development
4 Social and Labour Plan
5 Social Economic Development
6 Environmental Management Programme

Our mining charter scorecard is displayed in our Integrated Annual Report 2018.