SUPPLIERS Supplier registration

Supplier registration

How does Gold Fields identify new suppliers?

Several methods are used for the identification of new suppliers and are specific to the country in which the supplier operates, including:

  • On-line registration via Gold Fields’ website or purpose-built web-portals
  • On-line internet searches, business directories or capability registers
  • Electronic marketplaces (e.g. SAP Ariba Network)
  • Direct approaches made to operational stakeholders and supply chain personnel
  • Recommendations/word of mouth
  • Supplier development centre
On-line supplier registration

On-line supplier registration provides Gold Fields with vital market information as well as visibility of prospective suppliers. Registering on-line assists Gold Fields’ Supply Chain personnel in understanding the true nature of your business and its core capabilities, including your company’s ownership structure, and the types of goods or services supplied by your business.

Where can suppliers access Gold Fields’ on-line registration tools?

Visit:, choose the ‘Suppliers’ tab, select ‘Region-specific information’, then the relevant region of operation.

Does on-line registration guarantee work with Gold Fields?

Completing online registration and/or expressing your company’s interest in supplying goods and/or services to our operations does not qualify your business to become a supplier or contractor to Gold Fields, nor does it guarantee you will be contacted by a Gold Fields representative, or inclusion in future tenders. We undertake a comprehensive screening process prior to issuing tenders or awarding purchase orders and/or supply agreements, which is outlined in more detail under ‘Supplier pre-qualification'.