SUPPLIERS Supplier pre-qualification

Supplier pre-qualification

What is supplier pre-qualification?

Prior to issuing a request for quotation, formal tender, or prior to award, Gold Fields' Supply Chain personnel undertake a series of background checks referred to as 'pre-qualification'. This process assists Gold Fields in ensuring that the companies from whom we procure goods and services meet a range of criteria, including (but not limited to):

  • Health, safety and environmental performance
  • Engagement and participation of local and host communities
  • Placement of required insurances
  • Performance history
  • Human rights track record
  • Financial viability
  • Technical capability
  • Adverse media
Why is supplier pre-qualification necessary?

It is critical that we deal only with suppliers who share our values and who will meet our performance expectations. To assist in better understanding who we should be dealing with, a series of background checks are performed based around the criteria outlined above.

Risk management approach

All vendors are regularly screened via a third-party screening tool for Government and Government official affiliations, and recorded transgressions (as well as for adverse media exposure) against an array of pre-defined criteria, including (but not limited to): regulatory, labour practices, human rights, environmental, health and safety, management and operational issues.

Each region applies a jurisdiction-specific sourcing policy which outlines detailed tender, contract award, performance adjudication and assessment requirements, and which includes a weighted prioritisation assessment of commercial and non-commercial criteria.

A specified weight (%) for ESG factors is applied in the overall assessment of suppliers.

For all site services, additional site-based compliance verification is completed in-line with mine-site policies and procedures, prior to engaging suppliers for work (e.g. independent contractor audits).

What additional information will your business need to provide?

In addition to completing Gold Fields' online registration questionnaire, your company may also be required to provide additional supporting documentation, including (but not limited to):

  • Acknowledgement of Gold Fields' Code of Conduct for suppliers and contractors
  • Company policies (e.g. health & safety, quality, cybersecurity, human rights, diversity, etc.)
  • Plans (e.g. HSE, risk management, QA/QC, etc.)
  • Conflict of interest declaration
  • Certificates of insurance
  • Financial statements
  • Company structure/organogram
  • Demographic information
  • Percentage of local content in manufactured goods
  • Technical competency certification