On 30 August 2023, Gold Fields released the findings of an independent review into its workplace culture undertaken by independent experts, EB&Co. The review gave all employees and contractors the opportunity to voice their thoughts and concerns. In the review, EB&Co offers recommendations on how to better build a safe, inclusive and respectful work environment free of bullying, sexual harassment, racism and other forms of harmful behaviour.

The review forms an integral part of Gold Fields’ transformational culture journey, which started in early 2022. This culture journey has Respectful Workplace as one of our four priority themes, and is supported by Gold Fields’ expanded focus on psychological safety as a critical element of ensuring the overall safety and wellbeing of our people.


CEO: Martin Preece
EB&Co: Elizabeth Broderick


A set of fact sheets summarises the findings of the report for the Group and by region.
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Group fact sheet