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Exploration expenditure

During F2009, the Groupís investment in exploration on-mine or near mine has remained at high levels, with expenditure for the period under review amounting to a total of US$48.5 million. The on-mine exploration centred heavily on the Australasia Region (US$33.5 million) with the South Africa Region (US$10.0 million) and the West Africa Region (US$5.0 million) accounting for the remainder. Greenfields exploration, either funded in-house or in collaboration with exploration partnerships and joint ventures amounted to a total spend of US$48.7 million.

On mine exploration metres drilled and expenditure for the 12 month period ending 30 June 2009 are summarised below:

Exploration Drilling, St Ives Gold Mine, Australia
Exploration Drilling, St Ives Gold Mine, Australia

  Operation F2009 Exploration Drilling and Expenditure
(Per Operation and Region)
  Total Expenditure
F20093   F2008  
  Driefontein 11,754   5.414       0.605   1.403  
  Kloof 16,526   11.208       1.252   1.717  
  Beatrix 8,152   3.408       0.381   0.556  
  South Deep 26,665   52.911       5.912   3.388  
  West Wits TSF’s1 30,012   16.247       1.815   0.197  
  Total South Africa Region 93,109   89.188       9.965   7.261  
  Tarkwa2           0.960  
  Damang 26,906       5.005   5.005   4.104  
  Total West Africa Region 26,906       5.005   5.005   5.064  
  St Ives 155,490         20.523   22.970  
  Agnew 134,366         12.972   17.016  
  Total Australasia Region 289,856         33.495   39.986  
  Cerro Corona2            
  Total South America Region            
  Grand Total 409,871   89.188   42.993   5.005   48.465   52.311  

  Exchange rates: US$ 0.7791: A$1.00 and US$1.00:ZAR8.95. All mines exclusive of grade control and cover drilling except where it is included in the capital budget.
  1 Tailings Storage Facility 2 Grade control drilling only. 3 Figures include on mine exploration and South Africa