Gold Fields

Reconciliation of headline earnings

United States Dollars
Year ended
Figures in millions unless otherwise stated Dec 2020 (Reviewed)   Dec 2019 (Audited)  
Net profit attributable to owners of the parent 723.0   161.6  
Loss/(profit) on disposal of assets 0.2   (1.2)  
Taxation effect on disposal of assets (0.1)   0.4  
Profit on disposal of Maverix1   (33.8)  
(Reversal of impairment)/impairment of FSE (62.3)   9.6  
Impairment of investments and assets and other2 78.1   35.1  
Taxation on impairment of investments and assets2 (8.9)   (9.0)  
Non-controlling interest effect on impairment of investments and assets (0.7)    
Headline earnings 729.3   162.7  
Headline earnings per share – cents 83   20  
Based on headline earnings as given above divided by 878,661,474 (December 2019 – 827,386,603) being the weighted average number of ordinary shares in issue.
1 Profit on disposal of Maverix of US$14.6m under non-recurring items comprises profit on disposal of associate of US$33.8m, partially offset by a loss on derecognition of the investment in Maverix designated at fair value through profit or loss of US$19.2m.
2 Includes write-off of exploration and evaluation assets in Australia and impairment of Asanko.