Gold Fields

Outlook for 2021

FY 2021 production and cost guidance, as provided in February 2021 remains intact.

Attributable gold equivalent production is expected to be between 2.30Moz and 2.35Moz. AISC is expected to be between US$1,020/oz and US$1,060/oz, with AIC expected to be US$1,310/oz to US$1,350/ oz. If we exclude the very significant project capex at Salares Norte, AIC is expected to be US$1,090/oz to US$1,130/oz. The exchange rates used for our 2021 guidance are: R/US$15.50 and US$/A$0.75.

As reported in the Q1 update, two mines within the Group have been impacted by COVID-19 during H1 2021. As a result, production at South Deep is expected to be 300kg (9.3koz) lower at 8,700kg (280.0koz). Gold production at Cerro Corona is expected to be 20koz lower at 110koz, with copper production remaining at similar levels. However, the higher copper price has more than offset this impact on a gold equivalent ounce basis. Consequently, Group guidance remains intact.

Potential further COVID-19-related disruptions increase the risk to Group production and cost guidance.

The above is subject to safety performance which limits the impact of safety-related stoppages and the forward-looking statement in Results for the Group and in Certain forward-looking statements.