Annual report 2016
Cheryl Carolus — Chairperson

Vision of the

We are intensifying our engagement with communities in particular, as they grant us our social licence to operate and have become pivotal stakeholders in the longevity of our mines
Chairperson report

Nick Holland — CEO


Being a global company, we deal with a range of stakeholders across the multiple jurisdictions in which we operate and through these engagements we generally find solutions that are best for our
business and our stakeholders
CEO report

At Gold Fields, we understand that strong and ethical leadership is the foundation of the Group’s ability to create value. We are committed to embedding best practice governance at all levels of the organisation to deliver on our strategy.
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Our Balanced Scorecard recognises the importance of a clear financial strategy which differentiates the Group by focusing on growing the margin and free cashflow for every ounce of gold produced. It is only by achieving our financial returns that we are able to deliver on our commitments to all stakeholders.
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In order to deliver sustainable financial returns, we remain focused on running our operations safely and cost-effectively. At the same time we continue to invest for future growth, without undermining the longevity of our mines.
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