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The Integrated Annual Report 2013 is made up of the following three volumes:


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“An integrated report is a concise communication about how an organisation’s strategy, governance, performance and prospects, in the context of its external environment, lead to the creation of value over the short, medium and long term.”

International Integrated Reporting Council, The International <IR> Framework


Group Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves overview

Total attributable gold Mineral Resource, excluding growth projects, is 100.0 (105.6) Moz and Mineral Reserve is 48.6 (54.9) Moz, net of 2.2 Moz depletion. Total attributable copper Mineral Resource, excluding growth projects, is 1,119 (1,284) Mlb and Mineral Reserve is 708 (1,024) Mlb
Attributable gold Mineral Resources, including growth projects, are 113.4 (125.5) Moz, while attributable copper Mineral Resources, including growth projects, are 7,120 (8,622) Mlb
The post-depletion Mineral Reserve ounces at South Deep remained stable at 38.2 (39.1) Moz and completion of the capital projects and key infrastructure remains on schedule to facilitate delivery of the planned steady state run rate of 300~330 ktpm and 650~700 koz per annum, at an AIC of circa US$900/oz, by the end of 2017
The Mineral Reserves at the Ghanaian Operations decreased from 14.2 to 8.3 Moz post-depletion of 1.0 Moz and a reduction at Damang from 4.1 Moz to 1.1 Moz based on a new six-year LoM that is constrained by the exclusion of the Main Pit Cut-back 2, which is not economically viable in the current configuration at US$1,300/oz. Reduced pit shell volumes at Tarkwa in response to higher cut-off grades compounded the reduction
The Australasia Region Mineral Reserves increased from 3.3 Moz to 4.0 Moz net of 0.7 Moz from mined depletion, but include the December 2013 Yilgarn South Assets acquired from Barrick of 4.2 Moz Mineral Resource and 1.2 Moz Mineral Reserve. The Yilgarn South Assets acquired on 1 October 2013 have declared Mineral Resources inclusive of Mineral Reserves for the first time as per Gold Fields policy
The Americas Region Mineral Reserves decreased from 2.8 Moz to 2.0 Moz and the copper Mineral Reserve from 1,039 Mlb to 712 Mlb due primarily to the lower planned TSF capacity with a wall height reduction from 3,815 mRL to 3,800 mRL and mining depletion
The Mineral Resources at Woodjam have increased to 1,705 Mlb copper and 584 koz gold, including maiden Resource estimates for the Deerhorn and Takom zones
For Arctic Platinum, Yanfolila, Far Southeast and Chucapaca the Mineral Resources have remained unchanged year-on-year
The Talas Project in Kyrgyzstan with Mineral Resources of 6.7 Moz gold, 1,666 Mlb copper and 105 Mlb of Molybdenum was divested late in 2013