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The Integrated Annual Report 2013 is made up of the following three volumes:

Integrated Report   Annual Financial Statements  

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“An integrated report is a concise communication about how an organisation’s strategy, governance, performance and prospects, in the context of its external environment, lead to the creation of value over the short, medium and long term.”

International Integrated Reporting Council, The International <IR> Framework


About this report

Our Integrated Annual Report 2013, which covers the year to end-December 2013, is made up of the following three volumes:

  • The Integrated Annual Review 2013, which examines the integrated nature of our operational, financial and sustainability performance
  • The Annual Financial Report 2013, which fulfils our statutory financial reporting requirements
  • The Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves Overview 2013, which provides detailed technical and operational information on our mines and growth projects

This Integrated Annual Review provides an overview of Gold Fields eight global operations on a Group and mine-by-mine basis, including the Yilgarn South Assets. The report also describes our exploration and business development activities. We do this using an integrated approach to reporting that examines our operational, financial and sustainability performance.

The aim of our integrated approach is to enable investors and other stakeholders – including host governments, local communities and our employees – to make a more informed assessment of the value of Gold Fields and its prospects.

We believe the Integrated Annual Review, together with additional documents held online, represents an A+ application of the Global Reporting Initiative (“GRI”) G3.1 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, the highest level possible.

Our auditors, KPMG, have provided reasonable assurance on selected sustainability information in this report. As a member of the International Council on Mining & Metals (‘ICMM’) we are committed to obtaining assurance in line with the ICMM Sustainable Development Framework: Assurance Procedure. KPMG has provided assurance on all five subject matters of the ICMM, which include our GRI A+ self-declaration as well as our selected sustainability performance data. The assured data and KPMG’s Assurance opinion are on p158 and 153, respectively.

This Integrated Annual Review also forms part of our Communication on Progress to the United Nations Global Compact. A summary of our compliance with the GRI and the 10 Principles of the United Nations Global Compact – as well as our alignment with related standards including the Millennium Development Goals (“MDGs”) and the ICMM 10 Principles – is presented online.