Integrated Annual Review 2012 Annual Financial Report 2012 Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves Regional overview  

4.1.1 Internal standards and principles

Gold Fields has developed a comprehensive set of internal standards and principles that underpin how we do business. These include:

  • Our Vision and Values: Everything that we do to achieve our Vision of becoming the global leader in sustainable gold mining is informed by our Values (p16). These are applied by our directors, as well as employees at every level of the Company
  • Board of Directors’ Charter: This articulates the objectives and responsibilities of the Board (p 63). Likewise, each of the Board committees operates in accordance with written terms of reference, which are regularly reviewed by the Board. These are available on our website or, on request, from our secretarial office
  • Sustainable Development Framework: Gold Fields places particular emphasis on the ongoing development of its sustainable development systems and structures. This includes the establishment of a unified Sustainable Development Framework based on best practice, as well as our operational requirements. The framework, which is governed by an overall Sustainable Development Policy, is made up of the following pillars – each of which is underpinned by a formal corporate policy:

    Energy and carbon management
    Communities and indigenous people
    Ethics and corporate governance
    Human rights
    Material stewardship and supply chain management
    Occupational health and safety
    Risk management
    Stakeholder engagement

Effective management in each of these areas is integral to the achievement of our long-term, strategic objectives

  • Code of Ethics: The Gold Fields Code of Ethics commits every employee, officer and director within Gold Fields to conducting business in an ethical and fair manner. The Board’s Audit Committee and Social and Ethics Committee is tasked with ensuring the consistent application of, and adherence to, the Code of Ethics