Integrated Annual Review 2012 Annual Financial Report 2012 Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves Regional overview  

7.1.2 Skills development

The provision of competitive training and development is instrumental in terms of:

  • Ensuring our employees operate safely and generate exceptional value
  • Supporting the long-term sustainability of our business
  • Attracting and retaining the best talent in a competitive global labour market

In 2012, we invested a total of R408 million (US$50 million) in internal training and skills development. This helped us deliver training to a total of 47,501 employees and contractors.

1 The Academy is represented in the South African Chamber of Mines Education Advisory Council, the mining advisory committees of the University of Witwatersrand and the University of Johannesburg, and the Mine Education Trust Fund

Leadership development

The Gold Fields Business and Leadership Academy in South Africa1 represents a key centre of excellence within the Group, providing high- quality, on-site and external training and development to individuals across the regions.1 The Academy is now part of the Sibanye Gold corporate structure but could continue to provide training and skills development to Gold Fields through a Service Level Agreement.

In addition, each of our regions runs their own leadership development programmes.

Key leadership development courses offered by the Academy include the following:

  • Global Leader Programme: This 15-day course is run in partnership with Duke University in North Carolina, and is aimed at the development of ‘global leaders’ – with a focus on strategic thinking, risk management, stakeholder engagement and related issues. Delivery takes place at Group level
  • Business Leader Programme: This 15-day course is also run in partnership with Duke University, and is aimed at high-performing senior managers. It is focused on issues such as the cascading of strategy, community engagement, development of regional perspectives and related issues. Delivery takes place at Group level
  • Operational Leader Programme: This 10 – 15-day course is run in partnership with both Duke University and the Gordon Institute of Business Science in South Africa. The course is focused on developing potential successors for senior managers, with emphasis on the execution of strategy, process excellence, employee engagement and related issues. Delivery takes place at Group level
  • Emergent Leader Programme: This nine-day course is run in partnership with Duke University and is focused on high-performing/high-potential managers. Focus areas include safe production behaviours, team-building, community awareness and related issues. Delivery takes place at regional level
  • Preparatory Programme: This two to four-day programme for high performers, including potential supervisors and junior managers, focuses on self-leadership, leading others and driving safe performance. The course is designed at Group level and delivered by our regions
  • Foundational Programme: This two to three-day programme for all Gold Fields employees (with particular focus on high-potential talent and those in ‘mission critical’ roles) addresses issues such as linking individuals’ roles to Group strategy, development options, internal governance, sustainable development strategy and a range of other important issues. The course is designed at Group level and delivered by our regions

These programmes are in addition to the Academy’s wide range of elective courses, focused on the development of skills around training, moderation, finance project management and soft skills – as well as a dedicated KDC Shaft Full Potential Leadership Development Programme to promote effective, safe production at the mine.

In addition, each of our regions runs their own leadership development programmes, including:

  • Our Australasia Region’s Leadership Development Programme: This is run in partnership with the Australian Institute of Management and the University of Western Australia. In 2012, 77 employees took part in the programme
  • Our West Africa Region’s Operational Leadership Programme: This is run with the Da Vinci Institute of Technology and offers formal tertiary education programmes leading to qualifications in management, technology and innovation. In 2012, 15 managers were enrolled in the programme
  • Our South America Region’s internal development programme: This includes coaching and training to help high-potential employees progress into middle and senior management positions. In addition, the region has a Leadership Programme, which is run in partnership with the University of Piura and DBM Peru.

Operational training

Our Business and Leadership Academy also runs a series of operational training courses for the South Africa Region, including those relating to:

  • Mining
  • Engineering
  • Metallurgy
  • Mineral Resources management

This includes the delivery of programmes that are highly tailored to individuals’ roles, aspirations and development needs – and follow-up monitoring to ensure the provision of appropriate support and performance management.

In 2012, the Human Resources department delivered the following operational training to employees in the South Africa Region:

  • Induction and refresher training: 55,234 (2011: 43,717)
  • New skills training: 16,349 (2011: 10,943)
  • Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) programmes: 1,065 (2011: 1,555)
  • Engineering learnerships3: 421 (2011: 265)
  • Mining learnerships: 298 (2011: 340)
3 Learnerships are ongoing training programmes provided to our workforce in South Africa. They include both theoretical and practical training and lead to the award of nationally recognised qualifications.

The total cost of this training amounted to R366 million (US$45 million)

This was in addition to 131 university bursaries provided by Gold Fields to employees in South Africa to pursue mining-related degrees and qualifications to augment both their individual knowledge and skills and the capabilities of the Group as a whole. Furthermore, we have an ongoing, three-year sponsorship of the mining faculties of the University of Witwatersrand (Wits) and the University of Johannesburg – worth R26 million (US$3.2 million).

Our training capabilities in the South Africa Region have been significantly enhanced by the completion of South Deep’s Trackless Engineering Skills Training Centre (p79), which will support development and production ramp-up at the mine. This will be further augmented in early 2013 by the completion of the mine’s Operator Training Centre (p79) – marking a major advance in our ability to develop, nurture and deploy cutting-edge underground mechanised mining skills in South Africa and beyond.

Outside South Africa, operational training is delivered at a mine-site level. In the West Africa Region, we have delayed plans to establish a new engineering centre due to current financial constraints.