Integrated Annual Review 2012 Annual Financial Report 2012 Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves Regional overview  

2.1.2 Heat map

The heat map below sets out the top five risks for the South Africa Region – before the formal unbundling of Sibanye Gold – as identified through our Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) process.

Figure 2.7: Top five South Africa region heat map

Figure 2.7: Top five South Africa region heat map


Risks   Mitigation strategies
Implementation of the five pillars of our Mine Safety Management Strategy (engineering out risks, compliance, wellbeing, cultural transformation and stakeholder engagement)
Carrying out of structural/external inspections and our maintenance management programme
Implementation of internal and external fire audits
Application of engineering measures to limit the impact of health risks (including tip filters, mist sprays and settling agents)
Enhancement of personal protective equipment performance through our Respiratory Protection Programme
Detailed preparation to determine potential silicosis liability and legal strategy development
Resourcing of appropriate skills to improve underground mechanised mining performance and maintenance
Acceleration of destress mining to achieve production ramp-up at South Deep
Implementation of the new ‘24/7/365’ operating model at South Deep
Close monitoring of Social and Labour Plan compliance at a senior level
Carrying out of quarterly meetings of a dedicated Mining Charter Steering Committee – and associated monitoring
Provision of enhanced resourcing to ensure non-financial reporting integrity
Responsible security provision
Ongoing support for the gold sector’s existing Collective Wage Agreement pending its end of term in July 2013
Direct communication and engagement with employees
Engagement with employees, government, peers and unions, directly and indirectly via the Chamber of Mines, regarding reform of existing labour negotiation framework in the mining sector

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