Integrated Annual Review 2012 Annual Financial Report 2012 Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves Regional overview  

3.1.2 Heat map

The heat map below sets out the top five risks for the South America Region, as identified through our Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) process (p).

Figure 3.7: Top five South America region heat map

Risks   Mitigating strategies  
Comprehensive satisfaction of our community commitments
Stakeholder engagement and monitoring on a regular, ongoing basis
Engagement and coordination with peer companies and central government to support the prevention of social conflicts
Constant environmental monitoring – including water monitoring – and strict compliance with relevant regulations
Implementation of a focused programme to expedite relevant water permits for Chucapaca (pending value-reengineering exercise)
Promotion of participatory environmental monitoring in the Tingo River watershed adjacent to Cerro Corona
Development and implementation of a coordinated/systematic acquisition strategy to ensure maximum planning flexibility and optimal prices
Suspension of land acquisition at Chucapaca (pending value-re-engineering exercise)
Ongoing engagement with central government (directly and through the National Society of Mining), including the evaluation of laws and initiatives to enhance Peruvian labour regulation
Monitoring of proposed and actual changes to labour legislation
Evaluation of the potential relocation of the existing Las Tomas reservoir to allow for the expansion of Cerro Corona’s existing tailings dam
Examination of the potential construction of a new reservoir in the Vira Vira area to help address the impact of such an expansion on local water systems