Integrated Annual Review 2012 Annual Financial Report 2012 Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves Regional overview  

1.1 Adding value through exploration, development and mining

Gold Fields main value-adding activities include:

  • Exploration: Exploration for gold bearing ore across the world
  • Analysis: Identification and modelling of opportunities to extract gold bearing ore in an economic way
  • Development: Design and construction of mines and related infrastructure
  • Mining: Physical extraction of gold bearing ore from open-pits and underground mines
  • Processing: Physical and chemical processing of gold bearing ore into semi-pure gold doré and copper/gold concentrate. The gold doré is externally refined into gold bullion
  • Marketing: The sale of refined gold to authorised bullion banks, which then sell it on to central banks, investors, the jewellery industry and technology sectors, as well as the sale of copper/gold concentrate to smelters

It is our aim to carry out these activities, whilst also creating shared value for our key stakeholders including our shareholders, host governments, employees and local communities (p141).

Magnifying Case study: Gold Fields celebrates 125 years as a leading global gold miner

Gold bullion from the Rand Refinery, South Africa
Gold bullion from the Rand Refinery, South Africa