Integrated Annual Review 2012 Annual Financial Report 2012 Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves Regional overview  

5.2.2 Promoting a safe mining mentality

During 2012, we implemented a cultural survey at our Beatrix and KDC mines, which was completed by around 30% of the workforce (equivalent to 12,184 employees). The survey, which is aimed at assisting cultural transformation around safety, has helped us understand the key determinants of workplace culture across all levels and functions. This includes the examination of national and regional cultural dynamics, specific human dynamics and collective engagement relationships.

Key findings from the survey include opportunities for improvement around:

  • The ability of supervisors to interact effectively and constructively with workers
  • Vertical and horizontal communication between employees
  • Culturally sensitive performance management with respect to the treatment of under- and over-performers

The results of the survey will help our efforts as we continue to implement relevant interventions under South Africa’s sector-wide Cultural Transformation framework. The Framework, which is being implemented over a two-year timeframe, aims to enhance our collective leadership performance, risk management, incentivisation, implementation of best practice, and promotion of respect in the workplace – and ensure we meet all relevant standards articulated by the Chamber of Mines and agreed to by stakeholders.

At South Deep a new bonus scheme, which was implemented as part of the New Operating Model in October 2012, incentivises safe performance across the mine. Teams are expected to deliver their targets without injury to team members. If they achieve this a full performance-related bonus will be paid to teams who are injury-free. If a team suffers one lost-time injury (LTI) within the measurement month, all members of that team will lose 50% of their performance-related bonus, while two or more lost-time injuries in a month will result in a 75% penalty being applied. For LTI purposes, teams are defined as all members within a Mine Overseer’s or Engineering Overseer’s section. In the case of a fatality, all members within that Unit Manager’s or Engineer’s department will be paid no incentives for that measuring month, irrespective of their performance.