Integrated Annual Review 2012 Annual Financial Report 2012 Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves Regional overview  

6.1.3 Top five heat map

The heat map below sets out the top five Growth and International Project risks, as identified through our Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) process (p48).

Figure 6.1: Top five Growth and International Projects heat map

Top five Growth and International Projects heat map

Risks   Mitigating strategies  
Application of stringent geographic and socio-political risk analysis
Rollout of Crisis Management Plan across all projects
Implementation of extensive community relations and stakeholder engagement programmes
Delivery on all commitments made to communities
Piloting of our ‘shared value’ social approach to ensure lasting, mutual benefits
Application of enhanced focus on low-risk, high-return near-mine growth opportunities
Establishment of formal Growth and International Projects Sustainable Development function to support higher risk projects in new growth environments
Examination of additional, low-risk greenfields growth in well-established mining locations
Implementation of the new Gold Fields project management system
Concentration on smaller, less capital-intensive ‘starter projects’
Value re-engineering of existing development models to optimise potential returns
Ongoing engagement with communities
Investigation of alternative mining methodologies to minimise footprint/maximise flexibility
Planned development/implementation of land access standards and tools
Stringent compliance with legal and non-legal obligations and commitments
Effective monitoring of political developments and regulatory changes
Engagement with government on a direct and indirect basis