Integrated Annual Review 2012 Annual Financial Report 2012 Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves Regional overview  

8.4 Assured data

Figure 8.1: Key sustainability performance data selected by Gold Fields for assurance by KPMG

  Parameter Level of Assurance Management figure
  Total CO2 equivalent emissions, Scope 1 – 3 (in tonnes) Reasonable Including mine methane:
7,000,057 tonnes
Excluding mine methane:
6,284,166 tonnes
  Electricity (MWh) Reasonable 5,219,652 MWh
  Number of environmental incidents – Level 3 and above Reasonable 7 incidents
  Total water withdrawal (ML) Reasonable 88,477 ML
  Diesel (TJ) Reasonable 5,896 TJ
  Total water recycled/reused per annum (ML) Limited 84,000 ML
  Water intensity (KL withdrawn per US$ of revenue Limited 0.01594
  Water intensity (KL withdrawn per ounce of gold produced) Limited 26.43
  Number of sites with cyanide code certification Reasonable 7 sites
  Number of cases of silicosis reported Reasonable 84 cases
  Number of cases of noise induced hearing loss reported Reasonable 58 cases
  Number of cases of COAD reported Limited 54 cases
  Cardio respiratory tuberculosis (Number of new cases reported) Reasonable 605 new cases
  Number of cases of Malaria tested positive per annum Limited 284 positive cases
  Number of employees in HAART programme (cumulative) Reasonable 4,365
  Percentage of workforce on the VCT programme Reasonable 14.89%
  LTIFR Reasonable 5.16
  MTIFR Reasonable 5.211
  Number of fatalities Reasonable 16
  Total socio-economic development (SED) spend in rand/US dollar per region Reasonable US$135,681,122
  SED spend for the South African region Reasonable US$127,109,512
  SED spend for the West Africa Region Reasonable US$3,211,798
  SED spend for the Australasia Region Reasonable US$424,808
  SED spend for the South American Region Reasonable US$4,935,004

1 In South Africa, due mainly to the additional safety risks associated with deep level mining, a conservative approach has been adopted whereby first aid cases are
included in the MTIFR. The result is a slight overstatement of the South African MTIFR compared to our international operations

  Parameter Level of Assurance Management figure
  Mining Charter    
  Employment equity    
  Percentage HDSA in Management (DL – FL) who are classified as designated groups and who are employed at management levels (top management (board), senior, middle, junior, core skills and total) Reasonable
Top: 35.7%
Senior: 31.9%
Middle: 41.2%
Junior: 45.6%
Core: 64.0%
Total: 63.6%
  Housing and living conditions    
  Conversion or upgrading of hostels to attain an occupancy rate of one person per room by 2014 Reasonable 1.4
  Number of houses built as part of the housing and hostel upgrade programme Reasonable 0 houses2
  Local economic development    
  Rand value spent on approved SLP projects Reasonable R27,272,583
  Procurement and enterprise development    
  Procurement spend from BEE entities(in line with the mining charter categories of capital goods, services and consumable goods) Limited
Capital: 54%
Services: 51%
Consumables: 47%
  Total procurement spend from BEE entities (BBSEEC, 2010) Reasonable R4,093,316,901

2 In 2012, Gold Fields initiated construction of 200 new family units at its South African operations. But these houses had not been completed by year-end (p138)