Integrated Annual Review 2012 Annual Financial Report 2012 Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves Regional overview  

3.3.2 Strategic performance dashboard

Figure 3.9: Group strategic performance dashboard

Strategic requirement Key stakeholders Stakeholder risk/opportunity What we measure Performance in 2011 Performance in 2012
(incl. Sibanye Gold)
Planning in 2013
(excl. Sibanye Gold)
Impact on CEO
A winning, safe, healthy and productive team Employees/trade unions/ Regulators
Moral imperative to protect those who work for us
Protection of reputation
Avoidance of operational disruption
Potential for regulatory sanctions – including safety-related stoppages
Potential for future legal liabilities
Maintenance of a safe, healthy, motivated and productive workforce
Attraction and retention of the best talent in a competitive global labour market
Maintenance of a sustainable skills pipeline
Maintenance of constructive labour relations to avoid operational disruptions
Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) 4.69 5.162
Engineering-out of safety risks and health risks (p89)
Enhanced safety enforcement measures, including increased resourcing (p87)
Cultural/behavioural change (p88)
Preparation for potential silicosis litigation in South Africa (p137)
Maintenance of OHSAS 18001 certification
Development of a new Employee Charter
Ongoing competitive remuneration and benefits strategy (p70, 130)
Proactive leadership development and talent management programme (p132 – p133)
Delivery of world-class training (p133)
Ongoing, proactive engagement with unions and employees (p139)
% of Group Objectives: 30%
% of Personal Objectives: 27%
Investors Culture and Climsate ratings3 n/a Implementation starting 2013
The most trusted and valued
mining partne
Local communities
Abilty to secure new mining licences
Ability to meet legal and regulatory requirements
Ability to secure and maintain social licence to operate
Ability to access financing to grow the operational base
Access to highpotential, higherrisk growth opportunities
Maintenance of stable production at established operations
Ability to maintain our energy and carbon emission reduction programme
Local Economic Contribution (US$ billion) Implementation started
Development of a new Society Charter
Ongoing and constructive engagement with governments and communities
Maintenance of ISO 14001 certification
Delivery of shared value through our new Community Promises (p145)
Development of new Community Handbook (p148)
Review of the UN Ruggie Framework to analyse human rights performance and ensure best practice
Roll-out of our new Water Strategy (p91)
Ongoing minimisation of negative environmental impacts (p91)
Sustained focus on the integrated Energy and Carbon Management Strategy (p93)
% of Personal Objectives: 18%
Host governments Healthy drinking and productive water to employees and affected communities n/a Implementation starting
Civil society Energy (GJ) per ounce of gold produced 6.97 7.56
Environmental incidents greater than Category 3 5 7
A quality portfolio of productive mines and assets under exploration and development Employees
Creation and maintenance of
employment positions
Generation of socio-economic development contributions to local communities
Generation of public revenue
Delivery of leverage against the price of gold to investors
Delivery of growth on a per share basis to investors
NCE per ounce 1,173 1,376
Geographical diversification to broaden operational base and reduce overall risk (p96)
Strict application of stage gate process to growth projects (p98 - p100)
Acceleration of de-stress mining at South Deep (p79 - p82)
Roll-out of new, high-impact operating model at South Deep (p79 – 82)
Continuous Business Process Re-engineering to maximise efficiency (p43) and continuous focus on cost leadership
Focus on technology and innovation, where appropriate
% of Group
Objectives: 70%
% of Personal Objectives: 35%
Local communities Years of reserves at current rate of production 23 20
Host governments Acquisition and development costs (net of disposals)/ounce of resources added (US$/oz) 46 32
The best return on gold Investors
Delivery of attractive returns relative to our peers
Ability to maintain and grow share value
Ability to finance operations and capital projects
Ability to sustain the reserve ounce base and infrastructure to underpin future production
Free cash flow per share (R) 5.55 -2.00
Development of a new Investor Charter
Prioritisation of cash generation with respect to current and future production (p14 – 15, 17, 30)
Ongoing operational and strategic Portfolio Review (p34 –35, 43)
% of Personal Objectives: 20%
Total Shareholder Return (TSR) relative to gold price appreciation over 3 years (%) 1.39 0.08
Employees Performance against peer
n/a Implementation starting 2013

1 The CEO bonus performance is based on 65% Group objectives and 35% Personal objectives
2 Including restricted work cases for Australasia; 4.66 if Australasia restricted work cases are excluded
3 Assessment of organisational culture and climate