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Case study – Building businesses in Peru’s local communities

Case study – Building businesses in Peru’s local communities

Juan de Dios Villanueva


Román Acuña Galvez used to be a farmer focusing on cattle breeding in the remote areas surrounding the Cerro Corona Mine in Peru. When Gold Fields opened the mine in his community, Galvez saw an opportunity to start his own small business. With his connection to the local community, he was well placed to supply the company with staffing services as Gold Fields was committed to prioritise the employment of local labour. What started out as a business of 16 people in 2006 quickly grew and today Galvez provides employment for 120 people. He now counts other mines and businesses in the area among his customers though Cerro Corona remains his largest client.

He’s not the only entrepreneurial success story in the local communities near Cerro Corona. Transportistas Chuquilin, formed in 2007, provides transportation services to Cerro Corona and has created eight jobs, while Contratistas Generales Coymolache del Perú SRL, headed by Juan de Dios Villanueva, employs 27 local people and is a heavy-machinery contractor to Gold Fields La Cima. They are just a few among the small businesses that have taken advantage of the opportunities created by the mine.

Each of these small businesses falls into Cerro Corona’s direct area of influence which is defined as the Coymolache, Pilancones, El Tingo and Hualgayoc communities. Like Galvez, the majority of them survived as farmers before the mine opened and, while they didn’t have any prior experience as entrepreneurs, they benefit enormously from the ongoing business support and guidance Gold Fields provides to its suppliers. Meeting Gold Fields’ exacting standards for quality, safety and sustainability should also ensure that these suppliers continue to expand and that the company leaves a lasting legacy in the communities in which it operates.