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Case study – Human rights toolkit

Case study – Human rights toolkit encourages vigilance about potential abuses

Being a mining company in developing countries comes with a huge burden of responsibility in the area of human rights. Gold Fields is determined to maintain an exemplary human rights record, which is an important part of our alignment with the United Nations Global Compact and our membership of the ICMM.

Our human rights toolkit


More importantly, these responsibilities are enshrined in our human rights policy. The company has a responsibility to educate employees and contractors to ensure that human rights abuses do not occur. The challenge for a company as globally diverse as Gold Fields, however, lies in the fact that human rights issues differ from region to region, so a one-size-fits-all approach was never going to be suitable in rolling out human rights education.

Enter the human rights toolkit, launched across all our operations during the year. Informed by the Global Reporting Index (GRI) and developed in conjunction with human rights experts, the toolkit includes regionspecific case studies of human rights abuses that illustrate the key risks for our operations.

This compact box challenges employees’ knowledge of human rights issues. A board game highlights gaps in their knowledge, while a DVD, facilitator’s guide, training slides, workbook and assessment questions teach them how to identify, avoid and prevent human rights abuses. The flexible toolkit also includes training material to suit different job grades and disciplines, and has been translated into Spanish for use in our South American operations.

“Our next goal is to roll out a similar intervention for suppliers to ensure that they too have a human rights record that’s beyond reproach,” says Nisha Mowjee, Human Resources Manager, International Operations, who was instrumental in developing the toolkit.