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Safety, Health and Sustainable Development Committee (SHSD)

Safety, Health and Sustainable Development Committee (SHSD)

The Safety, Health and Sustainable Development Committee (formerly known as the Safety, Health, Environment and Community Committee) consists of the following independent non-executive directors: David Murray (Chair), Cheryl Carolus, Kofi Ansah, Rick Menell and Alan Wright. On 1 July 2010 Mamphela Ramphele replaced Mr Wright as a member of the Committee.

During the year under review the company placed an increased emphasis on non-financial value drivers, commonly grouped under the sustainable development heading. The focus includes socio-economic issues such as community and individual development, employment equity, and health and safety. The SHSD Committee plays a pivotal role in assisting the Board in its oversight of the company’s environmental, health and safety programmes. The directors on the SHSD Committee have, amongst them, considerable experience in the field of sustainable development. Through its oversight and monitoring role the SHSD Committee seeks to minimise health, safety and miningrelated incidents and accidents, while also ensuring that the company’s operations are in compliance with all environmental regulations. This Committee has updated formal terms of reference and should meet at least twice a year.

The SHSD Committee met on four occasions during the year under review. The record of attendance by members is contained in the table below.

20/8   5/11     2/2   5/5  
  Murray, DN          
  Ansah, K          
  Carolus, CA          
  Menell, RP          
  Ramphele, MA¹ n/a   n/a     n/a  
  Wright, AJ          

√ Indicates attendance.
n/a Indicates not a member at the time.
¹ Appointed 1 July 2010.