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Executive Committee

Executive Committee

The Gold Fields Executive Committee (Exco) is not a committee of the Board, but is primarily responsible for strategy implementation as well as carrying out the Board’s mandates and directives. The Committee meets regularly to review company performance against set objectives and develops company strategy and policy proposals for consideration by the Board.

The Exco has also been mandated by the Board to assist in the execution of the company’s disclosure obligations. A series of guidelines on disclosure have been disseminated throughout the company, while disclosure is on the agenda of every Exco meeting. A disclosure co-ordinator has been appointed at each operation to ensure appropriate implementation throughout the company.

The Exco members are profiled on pages 32 and 33 of this annual report.

Each operating subsidiary of the company has established Board and management committee structures to ensure sound corporate governance practices and standards. The company’s executive directors serve on the Board of operating subsidiaries.