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Code of ethics

Code of ethics

Directors and employees are bound to uphold the company’s core values of honesty, transparency and integrity, which underpin the code of ethics. This code requires all directors and employees to maintain the ethical standards set by the company, namely that employees conduct themselves with integrity, in accordance with all applicable laws and in a manner which is beyond reproach. An appropriate protocol is in place to ensure that all employees are trained in this regard. The code of ethics also articulates the Group’s policy with respect to conflicts of interest, confidentiality, fair dealing as well as the protection and proper use of company assets. This applies to all directors and employees of the company. The code of ethics is available on the company’s website ( and is communicated to all current and new employees.

The Board’s Audit Committee is tasked with ensuring the consistent application of and adherence to the code of ethics.

Gold Fields has contracted the services of Tip-Offs Anonymous, an independent hotline service provider, to facilitate the confidential reporting of code violations, fraud and other inappropriate behaviour. Employees found guilty of ethical breaches are disciplined in accordance with the company’s disciplinary code. Should the breach be criminal the company pursues prosecution of the employee concerned.