Group financials

Consolidated Income Statement
Consolidated Balance Sheet
Consolidated Statement of Changes in Equity
Consolidated Cash Flow Statement
Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements

Company financials

Company Income Statement
Company Balance Sheet
Company Statement of Changes in Shareholders’ Equity
Company Cash Flow Statement
Notes to the Company Annual Financial Statements



Message from the Chairman

Alan J WrightMost importantly, we have made progress with our number one priority: to improve our safety record. We reduced fatal accidents substantially and showed an improvement of 55 per cent…

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Message from the CEO

Nick Holland“. . . if we cannot mine safely, we will not mine. . .”


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Our operations

South Africa Region

Driefontein Gold Mine
Kloof Gold Mine
Beatrix Gold Mine
South Deep Project

West Africa Region

Tarkwa Gold Mine
Damang Gold Mine

Australasia Region

St Ives Gold Mine
Agnew Gold Mine

South America Region

Cerro Corona Gold Mine



Sustainable development

Overview of Our Performance
Sustainable Development Policy Statement
Sustainable Development Framework
Ethics and Corporate Governance
Gold Fields’ People
Risk Management
Health and Safety
Environmental Management
Material Stewardship and Supply Chain Management

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