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for the year ended 30 June 2009

Figures in millions unless otherwise stated

    Number of           Fair   Share-       Total  
    ordinary   Ordinary       value   based   Accumu-   share-  
    shares   share   Share   adjustment   payment   lated   holders'  
    issued   capital   premium   reserve   reserve   loss   equity  
  South African Rand                            
  Balance at 30 June 2007 652,158,066   326.1   28,138.1   0.2   247.2   (1,794.1)   26,917.5  
  Net loss           (58.3)   (58.3)  
  Share-based payments         4.8     4.8  
  Dividends           (1,044.8)   (1,044.8)  
  Exercise of employee share options 1,042,616   0.5   72.2         72.7  
  Mark-to-market gain on listed investment              
  Balance at 30 June 2008 653,200,682   326.6   28,210.3   0.2   252.0   (2,897.2)   25,891.9  
  Net profit           2,085.5   2,085.5  
  Share-based payments         7.0     7.0  
  Dividends           (980.8)   (980.8)  
  Mvela share issue on conclusion                            
  of transaction 50,000,000   25.0   3,130.2         3,155.2  
  Exercise of employee share options 1,549,167   0.8   70.8         71.6  
  Mark-to-market gain on listed investment       0.1       0.1  
  Balance at 30 June 2009 704,749,849   352.4   31,411.3   0.3   259.0   (1,792.5)   30,230.5  

The accompanying notes form an integral part of these financial statements