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South Africa Region  

1. Driefontein Gold Mine
Production: 25,814 kg (830,000 oz)
Total cash costs: R129,837/kg (US$448/oz)
NCE*: R176,838/kg (US$610/oz)
Mineral Reserve: 18.2 Moz
Mineral Resource: 52.8 Moz
Employees in service: 15,501
Contractors: 2,244

2. Kloof Gold Mine
Production: 19,998 kg (643,000 ozs)
Total cash costs: R146,930/kg (US$507/oz)
NCE: R202,140/kg (US$698/oz)
Mineral Reserve: 10.5 Moz
Mineral Resource: 79.0 Moz
Employees in service: 14,522
Contractors: 1,619

3. Beatrix Gold Mine
Production: 12,164 kg (391,000 ozs)
Total cash costs: R159,799/kg (US$552/oz)
NCE: R219,254/kg (US$757/oz)
Mineral Reserve: 6.4 Moz
Mineral Resource: 17.6 Moz
Employees in service: 9,649
Contractors: 905

4. South Deep Gold Mine
Production: 5,434 kg (175,000 ozs)
Total cash costs: R207,803/kg (US$717/oz)
NCE: R406,423/kg (US$1,403/oz)
Mineral Reserve: 29.5 Moz
Mineral Resource: 63.8 Moz
Employees in service: 2,273
Contractors: 2,382

Australasia Region  

*Notional Cash Expenditure

1. St Ives Gold Mine
Production: 13,322 kg (428,000 ozs)
Total cash costs: R172,707/kg (A$805/oz, US$596/oz)
NCE: R219,299/kg (A$1,023/oz, US$757/oz)
Mineral Reserve: 2.3 Moz
Mineral Resource: 5.6 Moz
Employees in service: 263
Contractors: 658

2. Agnew Gold Mine
Production: 5,974 kg (192,000 ozs)
Total cash costs: R116,120/kg (A$541/oz, US$401/oz)
NCE: R159,240/kg (A$743/oz, US$550/oz)
Mineral Reserve: 0.7 Moz
Mineral Resource: 3.5 Moz
Employees in service: 140
Contractors: 200

West Africa Region  

1. Tarkwa Gold Mine
Production: 19,048 kg (612,000 ozs)
Total cash costs: R150,814/kg (US$521/oz)
NCE: R255,066/kg (US$881/oz)
Mineral Reserve: 10.7 Moz
Mineral Resource: 16.2 Moz
Employees in service: 1,805
Contractors: 2,846

2. Damang Gold Mine
Production: 6,233 kg (200,000 oz)
Total cash costs: R191,179/kg (US$660/oz)
NCE: R215,851/kg (US$745/oz)
Mineral Reserve: 1.8 Moz
Mineral Resource: 4.3 Moz
Employees in service: 407
Contractors: 1,101

South America Region  
1. Cerro Corona Gold Mine
Production: 6,822 kg (219,000 ozs)
Total cash costs: R106,777/kg (US$369/oz)
NCE: R268,382/kg (US$926/oz)
Mineral Reserve: 5.5 Moz (gold equivalent)
Mineral Resource: 8.1 Moz (gold equivalent)
Employees in service: 310
Contractors: 506
Exploration and Business Development  

Development Stage Africa Australasia South America Rest of the world
Advanced Drilling 1 1 2*
Initial Drilling 4 13 1 3
Target Definition 20 15 14 9

*Includes Arctic Platinum Project.

Three advanced stage exploration drilling prospects

  1. West Africa – Sankarani in Mali
  2. South America – Chucapaca in Southern Peru
  3. Central Asia – Talas in Kyrgyzstan