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Summarised governance report

The Board of Directors is Gold Fields’ highest governing body and is responsible for promoting the vision of the Company while upholding sound principles of corporate governance, protecting the safety and wellbeing of our employees, the interests of the Group’s host communities and acting as a responsible corporate citizen. The Board ensures that all business decisions and judgements are made with integrity, reasonable care, skill and diligence to maximise stakeholder value in a way that is responsible, sustainable and ethical. The Board comprises a diverse group of directors with the relevant knowledge, expertise, technical experience and business acumen to govern ethically and with honesty, transparency, responsibility, authenticity and impartiality.

During 2021, and subsequent to year-end, we made several material announcements regarding the Board and its subcommittees. The following non-executive directors resigned during 2021: Rick Menell, Carmen Letton and Phuti MahanyeleDabengwa. Nick Holland, our former CEO, also retired that year. In 2021, the following directors were appointed to the Board: Chris Griffith as CEO and executive director, and Philisiwe Sibiya and Jacqueline McGill as non-executive directors. Cheryl Carolus announced her resignation as Board Chairperson, which will take effect at the 2022 AGM, scheduled for 1 June 2022. Yunus Suleman will take over as Chairperson on the same date. Other key appointments include Steven Reid as Lead Independent Director, effective 16 September 2021, and, from 1 June 2022 onwards, Ms Sibiya as Chairperson of the Audit Committee and Ms McGill as Chairperson of the Social, Ethics and Transformation Committee.

While the countries in which we operate are often subject to changing social and political trends, we believe the governance structures we have in place equips us to protect our social licence to operate while also creating long-term value for all stakeholders. We comply with all legislation and industry standards relevant to our business, and remain committed to upholding the principles of King IV across our business. As set out in About this report, we also subscribe to, align with or are a member of several international standards and guidelines. Our King IV application register is included in our AFR.