Creating enduring value beyond mining

Our ESG priorities and 2030 targets

Issues of sustainability have long been part of Gold Fields' way of doing business, so our focus on ESG is something we are familiar with. However, the importance of these areas to our business has increased – enough to elevate them to a dedicated strategic pillar.

We are using our newly launched purpose and vision to guide business decisions. If we truly want to create enduring value beyond mining, as our new purpose statement compels us to, we have to address:

  • The urgent need to mitigate the risk our operations have on the environment and communities around us; to this end, dedicated focus is required on the issues of decarbonisation, managing tailings and using water responsibly
  • Issues of broader societal responsibility including such as ensuring the safety, health and wellbeing of our people, the inclusion of women in our business, and the needs and expectations of our stakeholders – particularly host communities
  • The importance of entrenching and strengthening sound governance across the Company

Our stakeholders are demanding we pay greater attention to these issues – from investors and governments, to communities, employees and civil society. Furthermore, these stakeholders – particularly investors – require that we disclose the impact of ESG-related issues transparently, have mitigation measures in place and manage these issues in alignment with our business strategy.

Successfully managing ESG issues is intrinsic to our Company's long-term success. In December 2021, we took a significant step on this journey by making a firm commitment to a range of 2030 ESG targets, with implementation starting this year. The Company's priorities, 2030 targets, performance to date and where to find more information are shown in the table below.

It is clear then, within this context, that integrating ESG into our strategy, is key to achieving our vision to be the preferred gold mining company delivering sustainable, superior value.

Our ESG priorities, 2030 targets and 2021 performance against these indicators are as follows:

  Priority Category 2030 targets 2021
Comment More
  Decarbonisation Absolute emissions reduction from 2016 baseline (Scope 1 and 2) 50% 18% Achieved through energy efficiency initiatives and renewables projects Climate change and energy management
Net emissions reduction from 2016 baseline (Scope 1 and 2) 30% (1%) Increased emissions in 2021 due to higher gold output; Climate change and energy management
      Two new renewables plants on trackfor commissioning in 2022  
Tailings management Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management Conform
by 2025
under way
Priority facilities to comply by August 2023, remainder by 2025 Tailings and waste management
Reduce the number of active upstream raised TSFs 3 5 Complete transition of Tarkwa TSFs 1 and 2 from upstream to downstreamraised facilities by end-2024 Tailings and waste management
Water stewardship Water recycled/reused 80% of total
water used
75% On track to meet 2030 targets Water management
  Reduction in freshwater use from 2018 baseline 45% 35%    
  Safety, health, wellbeing and the environment Fatalities 0 1 See discussion in the safety section Safety
Serious injuries 0 9    
Serious environmental incidents 0 0 Third year of zero serious incidents  
Gender diversity Women representation 30% of total
22% On track to meet 2030 target Fit-for-purpose workforce
Stakeholder value creation Total value creation for
host communities
30% of total
value creation
28% On track to meet 2030 target Host communities
  New socio-economic flagship projects for host communities 6 0 New legacy projects to be developed by regions in addition to current projects Host communities
GOVERNANCE Underpinned by a strong commitment to sound corporate governance, compliance and ethics Chairperson's report