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Value creation for stakeholders

Gold Fields 2021 BSC KPIs

  • Eliminate environmental incidents in our business
  • Improve reputation with stakeholders
  • Improve governance and compliance


We continue to balance the needs of our host communities and governments with long-term value creation for all our stakeholder groups. Below are some of the key decisions taken during the year:

  • Increased investment in communities to strengthen and maintain our social licence to operate
  • Significant focus on host community employment and procurement comes at the expense of businesses and workers in other regions of the countries in which we operate
  • While our investment in local infrastructure is critical, this must not undermine the role of government in community development and administration
  • Our commitment to respectful relations with Indigenous communities in Australia will require potentially forgoing mining in culturally sensitive areas
  • Government and regulatory imposts and regulations that may impact the sustainability of our operations may require legal strategies, often in conjunction with our peers
  • Gold Fields is fully committed to the implementation of South Africa's Mining Charter 3, but through the Minerals Council of South Africa, we are engaging government on elements that are contentious