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Looking back, looking forward

Gold Fields’ former CEO Nick Holland discusses how Gold Fields has changed over the past 13 years


“Our focus on organic growth, backed by consistent investment in near-mine exploration, has allowed us to map our own destiny to the benefit of our stakeholders.”
Nick Holland, former CEO


During 2020, our share price on both the JSE and NYSE improved by 46% and 42% respectively, on the back of respective increases of 94% and 88% during 2019. While the shares have retreated from their record highs reached in August 2020, when the gold price hit its all-time high of US$2,070/oz, we are still offering shareholders substantive returns and healthy dividends. Shareholders who owned 1,000 Gold Fields shares on 1 January 2010, held on to the 1,000 Sibanye Gold stocks (now Sibanye-Stillwater) they would have been awarded after its unbundling in February 2013, would have been rewarded with a total return of 105% by 31 December 2020. That is an annual return of 7% on their investment.


An overview of our 2020 results in less than 90 seconds

Farewell message

Nick Holland, our former CEO, shared this message of thanks with our people


  Strategic Priorities   Objectives     Strategic intents Details
  Partnering to ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of our workforce and alleviating such impacts on our communities   Eliminating fatalities, serious injuries, illnesses and mental harm that could arise from our mining activities   1. Zero fatalities and serious injuries at our operations
2. Eliminate vehicular incidents by implementing advanced collision avoidance technologies
3. Significantly reduce underground exposure to DPM
4. Minimise health and environmental impacts on our host communities
  Build a diverse and inclusive workplace   Increase the proportion of women and indigenous people in our workforce   5. Increase the proportion of women in our workforce, including women in leadership and women in mining in all our operating regions
  Unlocking business, communities and stakeholder value   Maximise in-country and host community employment and procurement   6. Maximise Group host community employment
7. Maximise Group host community procurement spend
8. Maximise group in-country procurement
  Pursuing decarbonisation and building resilience to climate change in line with our commitment to the Paris Agreement for a just transition to net-zero carbon emissions   Reduce carbon emissions, freshwater use and exposure to climate-related risks to operations, stakeholders and the environment   9. Continue pursuing carbon emissions reductions at all our operations
10. Increase Group renewable energy use and include at least 20% renewables in all new projects
11. Introduce electric vehicles in our underground operations
12. Reduce freshwater use and optimise Group water recycling and reuse levels
  Full compliance with 2020 Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management   Safe and responsible tailing management   13. Achieve and maintain compliance with the GISTM as committed to by ICMM members