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Our Board of Directors

As the highest governing authority of Gold Fields, the Board of Directors has ultimate responsibility for the Company’s adherence to sound corporate governance standards. Furthermore, the Board ensures that all business decisions are made with reasonable care, skill and diligence.

During 2019, we had Board and Board committee attendance of 97%, which reflects our resolute commitment to effective governance and leadership. The full 2019 Board and Board committee attendance, as well as detailed curricula vitae (CVs) of the directors, are in the Corporate Governance Report included in our Annual Financial Report (AFR). See the Board and committee attendance record.

Carolus (61)


Full CV +

BA Law; Bachelor of Education, University of the Western Cape; Honorary Doctorate in Law, University of Cape Town

Appointed to the Board: Director, 2009
Chairperson, 2013

Menell (64)

Deputy Chairperson

Full CV +

MA (Natural Sciences Geology), Cambridge; MSc (Mineral Exploration and Management), Stanford University, California

Appointed to the Board: Director, 2008
Deputy Chairperson 2015,
Lead independent director,

Mahanyele-Dabengwa (49)

Independent non-executive director

Full CV +

Executive Development Programme, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; MA Business Administration, De Montford University, Leicester; BA Economics, The State University of New Jersey

Appointed to the Board: 2018


Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Full CV +

BCom; BAcc, University of the Witwatersrand; CA(SA)

Appointed to the Board: Executive director, 1998
CEO, 2008


Independent non-executive director

Full CV +

BSc (Agriculture), University of Ghana; MA (Banking and Finance), Finafrica Institute in Italy

Appointed to the Board: 2016

Letton (54)

Independent non-executive director

Full CV +

PhD (Mineral Economics), University of Queensland; Bachelor Mining Engineering, WASM

Appointed to the Board: 2017

Bacchus (51)

Independent non-executive director

Full CV +

MA Economics, Cambridge University

Appointed to the Board: 2016

Schmidt (52)

Chief Finance Officer (CFO)

Full CV +

BCom, University of the Witwatersrand; BCompt (Hons), University of South Africa; CA(SA)

Appointed to the Board: Executive director, 2009
CFO, 2009

Reid (64)

Independent non-executive director

Full CV +

BSc (Mineral Engineering), South Australian Institute of Technology; MBA, Trium Global Executive; ICD.D, Institute of Corporate Directors

Appointed to the Board: 2016

Goodlace (60)

Independent non-executive director

Full CV +

MBA (Business Administration), University of Wales; BCom, University of South Africa; NHDip (Metalliferous Mining), Witwatersrand Technikon; MDP, University of Cape Town

Appointed to the Board: 2016

Suleman (62)

Independent nonexecutive director

Full CV +

BCom, University of KwaZulu-Natal; BCompt (Hons), University of South Africa; CA(SA); CD (SA)

Appointed to the Board: 2016












Along with good governance, our vision of being the global leader in sustainable gold mining depends on leadership that is ethical, accountable and transparent. Ensuring the we comply with relevant legislation and industry standards is just the start. Given the nature of our business, protecting and enhancing our reputation and social licence to operate is critical for ensuring sustainable value creation and the support of our key stakeholders. Seeing that we operate in social and political contexts that are often challenging, effective and ethical governance guides our employees at our mines and operations in five countries.

In addition to the international standards and guidelines with which we voluntarily align (detailed on our AFR), we are committed to entrenching the principles of King IV throughout our business. The application of King IV within Gold Fields can be found in our full Corporate Governance Report (of our AFR).

Experience (number of directors)

The Board and its committees

  • The Board of Directors

    Meets four times per year


    Cheryl Carolus

    The Board is the highest governing body of the Company, offering guidance as it oversees how the Group achieves its strategic objectives and deliver maximum value to its stakeholders. Our Board of Directors is a diverse group of competent, appropriately skilled and experienced individuals, who seek to govern with integrity, responsibility, authenticity, impartiality and transparency. Furthermore, our Board informs the ethical culture of the entire Group. It has delegated the responsibility of implementing Gold Fields’ Code of Conduct to management, who also ensures adherence thereof. Management also monitors how a culture of ethics is being cultivated within Gold Fields.

    Nominating and Governance Committee

    Meets four times per year


    Cheryl Carolus

    Members: Steven Reid, Rick Menell, Yunus Suleman

    This Committee considers the structure and operation of Gold Fields’ Board and how this relates to effectiveness, and ensures a robust approach to the Company’s corporate governance. It also takes responsibility to ensure succession for directors and key executives and is involved in the recruitment of appropriately skilled managers.

    Remuneration Committee

    Meets four times per year


    Steven Reid

    Members: Cheryl Carolus, Alhassan Andani, Rick Menell, Peter Bacchus

    The Committee assists the Board in ensuring that remuneration throughout the Group is fair and equitable, and that it supports Gold Fields’ strategic objectives. In particular, the Committee ensures that the remuneration of executive management is directly linked to Gold Fields’ performance, thereby protecting the investment by shareholders and the interest of other stakeholders by incentivising management to deliver value.

    Social, Ethics and Transformation (SET) Committee

    Meets four times per year


    Carmen Letton

    Members: Cheryl Carolus, Rick Menell, Alhassan Andani, Nick Holland, Phuti Mahanyele-Dabengwa

    This Committee guides and assists the Board in ensuring that it discharges its oversight responsibilities relating to social, HR and community matters, as well as stakeholder relationships. Furthermore, it holds the Company responsible for its interaction with communities and employees to help the business retain its social licence to operate — a critical component of long-term sustainability.

    Capital Projects, Control and Review Committee

    Meets four times per year


    Rick Menell

    Members: Peter Bacchus, Terence Goodlace, Yunus Suleman, Steven Reid, Cheryl Carolus, Phuti Mahanyele-Dabengwa, Carmen Letton

    This Committee considers and approves new capital projects and satisfies the Board that the Group has used correct, efficient methodologies in evaluating and implementing such projects.

  • Risk Committee

    Meets twice per year


    Peter Bacchus

    Members: Terence Goodlace, Carmen Letton, Yunus Suleman

    The Committee assists the Board in developing and identifying the risks and opportunities facing the Company, improving effective risk management controls and ensuring consistent value creation for our stakeholders in an ever-changing risk environment.

    Safety, Health and Sustainable Development (SHSD) Committee

    Meets four times per year


    Terence Goodlace

    Members: Cheryl Carolus, Rick Menell, Steven Reid, Carmen Letton, Phuti Mahanyele-Dabengwa

    This Committee assists the Board to steer SHSD strategies, approve policies, monitors SHSD performance and ensures that the Company complies with relevant laws, regulations and external standards to ensure optimal safety, health and environmental practices, contributing to the Group’s reputation as a responsible corporate citizen.

    Audit Committee

    Meets six times per year


    Yunus Suleman

    Members: Rick Menell, Alhassan Andani, Peter Bacchus

    The Committee oversees the integrity and transparency of Gold Fields’ corporate reporting and accounting practices, and considers risks that may affect the integrity of external reports.

    Ad-hoc Investment Committee

    Peter Bacchus

    Members:Alhassan Andani, Yunus Suleman, Steven Reid, Cheryl Carolus, Rick Menell

    This Committee considers and makes recommendations to the Board on strategic organisational and structuring options for the Group, as and when required, to maximise shareholder returns sustainably.

    Group Exco

    Nick Holland

    The Group Exco is primarily responsible for the implementation of Gold Fields’ strategy, as well as carrying out the Board’s mandate and directives. Meeting on a regular basis, Exco reviews the Company’s performance against set objectives, and develops strategies and policy proposals for consideration by the Board. It also assists the Board in the execution of the Company’s disclosure obligations.

    Exco consists of the principal officers and executive directors of Gold Fields – 12 members in total. The Exco members are profiled at