Tarkwa gold mine - Projects

Business improvement remains 'business as usual' and, together with the priority placed on health and safety, the key areas of production, quality and cash generation continue to receive focus. Optimisation of the crushing rate and stockpile management, improved blast fragmentation and leveraging the shared services strategy are all targeted areas.

Major projects in 2018 include:

  • Potential implementation of contract mining (CM) where the mining and heavy mining equipment (HME) sections will be outsourced
  • Installation of a gravity circuit, to improve recovery of gravity gold
  • Assess the opportunity to optimise the CIL plant to a potential 15.5Mtpa capacity
  • Continued evaluation of alternative waste dumping and tailings disposal strategies, including in-pit dumping, energy and carbon-efficiency initiatives
  • Execution of the next phase of the accelerated exploration programme to confirm the economic potential of the hydrothermal style deposits