Social and regulatory licence to operate

Sustainable development and environment

An important aspect of the mining business that underpins the integrity of the LoM plans and secures the viability of the Reserves is the impact on the countries and communities in which we operate. The implementation of sustainable development policies and proactive stakeholder engagement strategies continues to be key in reporting sustainable Mineral Reserves. All operations are developing and implementing programmes to ensure security of energy and water supply at competitive costs while also focusing on reducing carbon footprint. A greater use of renewable energy generation over the LoMs, especially new projects, is a key commitment.

Responsible environmental management remains central to the Group's regulatory and social licence to operate as well as formulating integrated mine closure plans that provide appropriate cost parameters for end of life mine closure commitments. Tenure over land, Shared Value with communities, mining, prospecting and environmental permits are in good standing. Where not in place, there are reasonable grounds to assume that they will be granted.

The top five group sustainability topics are listed here and further information on how they are being advanced can be referenced in the accompanying Integrated Annual Report (IAR) volume: