Gruyere project - Asset fundamentals


General location


The Gruyere deposit, centred at latitude 27° 59’ S, longitude 123° 50’ E, within the Yamarna Terrane of the eastern Yilgarn, Western Australia. Gruyere is located 200km east of Laverton and 1,000km north-east of Perth.

Licence status and holdings


The project, with granted tenements for mining, exploration and miscellaneous of 201,068ha, is located on mining lease M38/1267 granted on 5 May 2016 for a period of 21 years. The mining lease is wholly within the Yamarna Pastoral Lease.

Deposit type


Gruyere is an Archaean orogenic gold deposit. Mineralisation is hosted within the Gruyere Monzonite Porphyry. Gold is associated with varying intensity albite-sericite-chloritebiotite-calcite alteration of the host rock.



Currently the total project indicates a 3.74Moz Mineral Reserve (1.87Moz attributable to GFI), supporting average annual gold production of 270,000 (50% attributable to GFI) ounces over a LoM of 13 years