Granny Smith gold mine - Asset fundamentals

Asset fundamentals

General location


Granny Smith is situated within the Yilgarn Craton at an elevation of 400m amsl and located at latitude 28°51'09' S, longitude 122°18'35' E, and is located approximately 400km north-east of the town of Kalgoorlie in the eastern Goldfields of Western Australia in the Laverton District.

Licence status and holdings


GSM is owned by GSM Mining Company Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of GFI. This entity came into being on 1 October 2013, following Gold Fields' acquisition of the asset from Barrick Corporation. GSM controls exploration and mineral rights over a total area of 95,933ha, plus another 8,262ha miscellaneous and non-managed tenements (a total of 103 tenements) and has security of tenure for all current exploration and mining leases that contribute to future Mineral Reserves.

Operational infrastructure

Granny Smith is currently mining four lenses from the Wallaby ore body (Z70, Z80, Z90 and Z100), accessed from a single decline. Mining administration and maintenance is located at the Wallaby mine. Ore is processed at the Granny Smith CIP processing plant under campaign milling conditions and is located 15km east of the Wallaby underground mine.



The climate is semi-arid and temperatures vary from an average minimum of 4°C in June to an average maximum of 36°C in January. The average annual rainfall total is 220mm. No extreme climate conditions are experienced that materially affect mining operations.

Local geology and deposit type


The regional geology of the Yilgarn Craton is described in the Australia regional section.

The Granny Smith region is dominated by the Mt Margaret Dome in the northwest and the Kirgella Dome in the southeast. These domes are flanked to the east and west by north-northwest-striking shear zones, with the central zone between the two domes being dominated by north- to north-northeast-striking sigmoidal shear zones. These distinctly different strikes to the shear zones developed early in the tectonic evolution and resulted in a favourable architecture for late-stage orogenic gold mineralisation at Wallaby and Granny Smith.

Orogenic greenstone gold deposits hosted in a number of different styles of lodes. The Granny Smith lodes comprise vein stock works localised by a northerly trending shear at the margin of a granodiorite. The Wallaby lodes are flat lying alteration zones hosted within magnetite amphibole altered conglomerate.



Ongoing extensional and brownfields exploration continues, which will sustain an extended LoM well beyond current reporting. It is estimated that the current Mineral Reserves are sufficient for a 10-year mine life.

Environmental, health and safety


Cyanide Code recertified in 2014, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 recertification completed. GSM is in compliance with all environmental legislation.