Damang gold mine - Key developments and material issues

  • The DRP implementation started at the beginning of 2017, and has progressed ahead of schedule with good traction on production and total material moved to open up the ore body
  • The Mineral Reserve increased year-on-year mostly due the inclusion of the Huni pit, however, Reserves are still constrained by the existing ETSF adjacent to the Damang pit
  • Strict adherence to geotechnical standards on the east wall at Damang Complex, in conjunction with radar monitoring and dewatering of the east wall, remains a key focus
  • The LoM plan is designed to focus on the Damang Complex pits, plus Amoanda, Lima South, Tomento East and Lima Kwesie Gap pits
  • Increased Crushed Ore Stockpile (COS) by improving crushing plant utilisation from 68% to above 75%
  • Damang returned to a contractor mining model in 2017 after a review of owner versus contractor models in 2016