Agnew gold mine - Exploration and Resource definition drilling

2016/2017 exploration expenditures are presented in the Australia regional section.

Exploration in 2017 focused on extensions at both the Waroonga and New Holland mineralised systems. Underground exploration was carried out at Waroonga North which includes extensional drilling. Further in-fill drilling of FBH Lower targeting the Fitzroy, Midreef and Bengal lodes down plunge was completed. Extensional and in-fill drilling was also carried out on the Kath and Triton lodes. Step-out and in-fill drilling programmes will be completed in 2018 in the Waroonga North area.

The New Holland extensional and exploration drilling was conducted on five main areas, Sheba South, Lower Genesis North, Lower Genesis South, New Holland South and Himitsu. Further drilling on these targets is planned in 2018.

Early-stage exploration work was completed across the broader tenement package in 2017 and this will be continued in 2018.