ADR   adsorption recovery (carbon plant)
Ag   silver
AGC   Advance Grade Caontrol
AGL   Abosso Goldfields Limited
AIC   All-in Cost
AISC   All-in Sustaining Cost
amsl   above mean sea level - and may be used for heights specified in any units
APP   Arctic Platinum Project
A$   Australian dollar
A$/oz   Australian dollar per ounce
Au   gold
BCM   bank cubic metres
BW   block width
CIL   Carbon in Leach
CIP   Carbon in Pulp
cm   centimetres
cm.g/t   centimetre grams per ton
Co   cobalt
CP   Competent Person
Cu   copper
COG   cut-off grade
CW   channel width
DD   diamond drill
3D   three-dimensional
DMR   Department of Mineral Resources
EIA   Environmental Impact Assessment
EMP   Environmental Management Plan
EPA   Environmental Protection Agency
FCF   Free cash-flow
G&A   General and Administrative
GFA   Gold Fields Australia
GFG   Gold Fields Ghana
GFI   Gold Fields Ltd
g   grams
g/t   grams per ton
Ga   billion years
GC   grade control
GRB   Geotechnical Review Board
GTC   Grade Tonnage Curve
ha   hectare
HL   Heap Leach
HME   heavy mining equipment
HPGR   high pressure grinding roll
ILR   In-line leach reactor
JORC   Australian Code for Reporting Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves
JSE   Johannesburg Securities Exchange
KE   kriging efficiency
kg   kilogram
kg/t   kilograms per ton
km   kilometre
ktpa   thousand tonnes per annum
koz   thousand ounces
LDIFR   Lost Day Injury Frequency Rate
LIB   Long-Incline Borehole
LoM   life-of-mine
m   metre
m2   square metre
Ma   million years
M&A   Mergers and Acquisitions
MCF   Mine Call Factor
m3/s   cubic metres per second
Mlb   million pounds
Mo   molybdenum
Moz   million ounces
mRL   metres relative level
Mt   million tonnes
mtpa   million tonnes per annum
MW   megawatt
NCE   notional cash expenditure
Ni   nickel
NPV   net present value
NSR   net smelter return
oz   ounces (troy)
Pd   palladium
PGE   Platinum Group Elements
2 PGE   platinum and palladium
PL   Prospecting Lease
PRF   Plant Recovery Factor
Pt   platinum
RC   reverse circulation hole
R&D   Research and Development
RoM   run-of-mine (with reference to grade or tonnes)
SAG   Semi Autogenous Grind
SAM   Sub audio magnetics
SAMREC   South African Mineral Resource Committee
SAMVAL   South African Mineral Asset Valuation Committee
SEC   The United States Securities and Exchange Commission
SOH   Safety and Occupational Health
SOX   Sarbanes-Oxley Act
SV   sub-vertical
SRD   surface rock dump
SW   stoping width
t   metric tonnes
I&T   Innovation and technology
tpd   tonnes per day
tph   tonnes per hour
tpm   tonnes per month
TRIFR   total recordable injury frequency rate
TSF   tailings storage facility
VCR   Ventersdorp Contact Reef
U3O8   uranium oxide
US$   United States dollar
US$/oz   American dollar per ounce
WAPL   Western Areas Prospecting Limited
WSF   waste storage facility
YOY   year-on-year
ZAR   South African rand
~   Circa, about or approximately