SUPPLIERS Receipt, invoicing and payment

Receipt, invoicing and payment

Receipt of goods and services
  • Prior to effecting payment of an invoice, all goods and services must be receipted in Gold Fields' ERP system. All goods to be receipted must be accompanied by a packing slip, ideally in a weather-sealed pouch and (where applicable), include all necessary documentation (e.g. Material Safety Data Sheets, etc.).

    Where services are provided, all supporting documentation, i.e. contractor timesheets, job cards, payment certificates, etc. should be forwarded to the Gold Fields Supervisor overseeing the performance of the work.

    Approved/signed-off supporting documentation (together with the invoice) will be used to create a service entry sheet (SES) or framework order (FO) in Gold Fields' ERP system, which then will be routed electronically to the appropriate individual for approval that the work has been completed to a satisfactory standard.

Invoice submission

Gold Fields uses the SAP ERP system to pay its suppliers.

In submitting an invoice, suppliers must ensure that:

  • The invoice has reasonable clarity (and preferably not handwritten);
  • The invoice number and Purchase Order number must be clearly stated on the invoice;
  • The vendor name on the invoice must match the vendor name on the Purchase Order;
  • The Gold Fields entity on the invoice must match the Gold Fields entity on the Purchase Order;
  • The invoice must provide a description of the goods or services provided, and include any shipping charges or other applicable fees (as described on the relevant Purchase Order line number);
  • The invoice quantity and price must match that specified on the Purchase Order;
  • If invoices are sent via email, they must be less than 3MB in size;
  • Invoices are in PDF, TIF/TIFF, DOC/DOCX, JPG, HTM/HTML or RTF format;
  • The bank details stated on the invoice must match those held on file by Gold Fields – contact your Gold Fields representative to confirm or amend the bank details held on file;
  • Any country-specific VAT/GST/IGV/IVA regulatory invoice requirements must be met;
  • Invoices with VAT/GST/IGV/IVA tax applicable must have both the vendor's address, applicable Gold Fields company address and tax registration number, clearly displayed on the invoice and be titled ‘Tax Invoice'; and
  • VAT/GST/IGV/IVA and any local taxes must be identified separately on invoices.

If an invoice does not meet the criteria above, it may be rejected and returned to the vendor outlining the reason for rejection. Rejected invoices must be corrected and resubmitted for payment.

  • Credit Notes

    All credit notes must reference the applicable Purchase Order number and relevant invoice number.

    Payment of Invoices

    Provided invoices are submitted in the month in which the goods have been supplied or work has been performed, your business can expect to be paid within the agreed payment terms.

    Supplier Account Statements

    Each month, suppliers are expected to provide a statement of all invoices not paid in order for Gold Fields' Accounts Payable department to perform vendor reconciliations. This enables Gold Fields to have an overview of its outstanding liabilities.

Placing accounts on hold

Gold Fields strives to build good relationships with its suppliers, based on common values and sound business principles that build value, and would therefore expect of its suppliers to bring to the attention of the applicable Commercial Manager, any outstanding payments to enable the parties to find an amicable solution before the Gold Fields account with the supplier is placed on hold.