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Our vision is to be the global leader in sustainable gold mining

Our work environment

Our people strategy is focused on creating a conducive work environment that drives the delivery of our strategy. The six key pillars of this strategy include:

Talent is a key HR strategic focus area

Key priority areas
My Pay
Guaranteed Pay
Variable Pay
Short, medium and long-term performance based incentive arrangements
My Benefits
Vacation leave
Housing and accomodation
Vehicle and car allowance arrangements
My Growth
Exciting and challenging work
Workplace learning and training opportunities
Performance Management
Coaching & Mentoring
Career Development
International Career opportunities across the mining value chain
My Work Environment
Gold Fields
Learnership Style
Organisational design and goal setting
Employee Assistance programmes
Nutrition, sports and recreation Safe Production

In addition we have a strong focus on

  • Working with our teams to provide a flexible work environment where it is operationally feasible
  • Constantly revising and updating our employee value proposition with a range of financial and non-financial incentives depending on a person’s position and needs

Our training strategy ensures that we:

  • Provide training and development that is fit for purpose for the role. Our development philosophy is 10% training courses- 20% coaching and mentoring- 70% on the job learning
  • Our training is highly customised and specific to the work environment or region in which employees operate. We have in house training centres in South Africa, Ghana and Peru and partner with various training providers to provide a full spectrum of training interventions
  • We measure the Return on Investment of our training in terms of spend vs the return in net benefit after all costs. All our training needs to show a good return on investment for the business and the individual.