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Our vision is to be the global leader in sustainable gold mining

Our growth opportunities

High performance is a standard we strive for in all of life’s activities. It means doing a difficult thing well, whether in our personal or professional capacity, and it often commands admiration and reaps rewards

Gold Fields creates opportunities for all levels of people from graduates and professionals to tradesman and technicians, empowering you to grow personally and professionally. Whether you are a truck driver or an engineer, whatever your career aspirations, you will be supported appropriately. We have a diverse range of prefessions not only in the technical mining area, but also in the HR; finance; tax; legal; corporate affairs; administration and IT.

Gold Fields encourages all employees to have Individual Development Plans in place which are updated annually. These development plans inform our training budgets and training plans in each Region. Annually Gold Fields conducts a talent review in which all talent is reviewed. This involves employee input and manager reviews which are consolidated at Group level. In South Africa our training plans are aligned to our Work Place Skills plans.

Not just a job, we offer a career

  • At Gold Fields, we offer you a career, not just a job. You will develop your skills and expertise, broaden your experience, and be empowered to perform at your best wherever you are in the world
  • We strive to promote employees from within and focus on fostering a high performance organisation through fair reward and recognition
  • Through our leadership competency model, we aim to develop you to be a future leader for Gold Fields.

Leadership Development

  • Formal programmes, delivered by industry leading institutions, are available for all Gold Fields employees. The leadership development programmes form part of your career development plan with the company, and are tailored to help you develop your leader potential
  • The various programmes that are available to individuals over a 12 month period are aligned with Gold Fields global leadership competency framework
  • These programmes range from the initial training and development of new supervisors through to executive development programmes. The appropriate training will be available to you at the various stages of your career to continually enable you to grow with Gold Fields
  • We continually review the way we manage your talent in Gold Fields. This means that we are always looking for new ways to improve the way we manage your development to ensure you are provided with opportunities to use the knowledge, skills and abilities you have
  • Gold Fields is not only focused on developing technical skills. We believe you should have strong leadership capabilities as well. We do this by offering you foundational programmes when you join plus a range of leadership development training interventions, depending on business requirements, for executive, senior management, middle management and supervisory levels
  • These programmes form part of the way we manage your development and are delivered with the support of highly reputable educational providers in the Regions within which we operate.

Technical Training

Is available in all our regions to ensure we have excellent technical skills. This ranges from learnerships to Geology and other technical fields.

Coaching and Mentoring

  • Coaching and mentoring is an essential part of development. At Gold Fields we encourage informal mentoring, on-the-job coaching and executive coaching at senior levels. Some learning programmes include formal coaching and mentoring.

Career Development

  • Gold Fields has well defined career paths in areas like mining, engineering, geology, survey, exploration, metallurgy, environmental management, finance, procurement and human resources
  • These career paths provide stimulating opportunities within your discipline or across disciplines
  • We offer grants, bursary schemes, study loans, graduate and diplomat programmes, and learnerships which help you develop the career you want to have.

International Career Opportunities

  • Gold Fields operates across the globe so we can offer the opportunity to work in different countries
  • We strive to be a global leader in sustainable gold mining and encourage our employees to develop a global outlook.