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Gas pipeline to Damang, Tarkwa completed

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Earlier this month the gas power stations at our Tarkwa and Damang mines in Ghana received their first gas via a newly completed US$54m, 78km gas pipeline to replace trucked in gas. In line with our energy strategy, receiving gas in this way will help us reduce energy costs and ensure reliability of supply.

The pipeline was funded and constructed over a six months period by our energy partner at the two mines, Genser Energy. It connects the gas terminal at Prestea, near Takoradi, with the mines’ gas plants.

The benefits of a gas pipeline for us are significant:

  • The gas pipeline replaces road transport, where accidents could cause fatalities and environmental damage
  • The supply of gas to our plants is virtually guaranteed and there are cost benefits for our mines
  • Our gas plants run smoother due to the consistent quality of the gas supplied
  • There are also benefits for the wider Ghanaian economy as building the pipeline results in job creation and the improved infrastructure can ensure reliable energy supplies to current and future businesses


Our company in Ghana has over the years helped to develop strong local suppliers. Genser Energy is one of them. Since appointing Genser as a partner to develop the gas plants at Tarkwa and Damang in 2015 the company has expanded strongly. As a result Genser is now extending the Tarkwa/Damang pipeline by a further 200km to other customers at a total cost of almost US$200m.

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