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Nana Mzolo (72) with Mosa Ramalefane, Adult Education and Training (AET) Coordinator at South Deep, our mine in South Africa.

Granny proves you are never too old to learn

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Nana Mzolo, a 72-year-old grandmother who lives near our South Deep mine in South Africa, is one of the oldest people to pass one of the mine’s Adult Education and Training (AET) courses. She recently passed her Level 1 with 92% in Communications and 58% in Numeracy, and is now completing her Level 2.

Nana left school at 17 when she discovered she was pregnant. She wasn’t able to return, but 55 years later, she decided to finish what she started.

“I remember the day when I wanted to quit the AET because I failed Maths in the first phase, but I managed to push myself and to continue because the facilitators encouraged me. Now I’ve passed – it shows anything is possible.”

She says she went ‘back to school’ to set an example for her grandchildren, with whom she now lives. “No matter what happens in their lives that might delay their education plan, education has no age limit. They can achieve a lot of things through education no matter how old they are.”

More about AET at South Deep

Classes are open to local and neighbouring communities around the mine. About 300 employees and community members are currently completing courses, which include AET Levels 1 to 3 as a minimum qualification. Level 4 is available for those who choose to continue their studies.

Other programmes offered by AET:

  • Grade 12 upgrading programme for students who are repeating Maths, Life Science, Geography and Physical Science.
  • Saturday tutorials for Grade 12 learners studying Maths, Life Science, Geography and Physical Science.
  • Life skills programme for Grade 12s on applying to universities, for bursaries and study techniques.

For more information on AET, contact Mosa Ramalefane, AET Coordinator, on 011-411 2286 / 073 205 0935.

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